Technology Selector

This paragraph covers only SpringCore devices featuring a NFC/RFID HF interface.


SpringCore primary function is to be a standard-compliant, full-featured NFC/RFID coupler in the 13.56MHz frequency range (Proximity Coupling Device or PCD for ISO/IEC 14443 operation, Vicinity Coupling Device or VCD for ISO/IEC 15693 operation). It is able to read & write virtually any contactless card, RFID label or NFC tag supporting the above-mentionned standards.

On top of this “technical” NFC/RFID HF interface, SpringCore running in Smart Reader mode runs one of its four card processing templates to fetch data from the contactless cards you want, and to format the data as expected by your application.

Templates and configuration registers

The NFC/RFID HF templates are numbered 1 to 4.

Template 1 stores its configuration in non-volatile memory over addresses 0310 to 031F, template 2 over addresses 0320 to 032F, template 3 over addresses 0330 to 033F and template 4 over addresses 0340 to 034F.

For the ease of reading, notation 03tn will often be used for the address of “register n within template t”.

Template selector

Register 03t0 tells the SpringCore select active template at index t.

The list of allowed values is given in NFC Templates : LKL values.