PUCK variants

There are four PUCK hardware variants, to cover a wide range of use cases.

The table below summarizes the hardware characteristics of each variant:

PUCK Base yes no no no
PUCK One yes no no yes
PUCK Blue yes yes no no
PUCK Point yes yes yes no
  • NFC/RFID HF: contactless interface at 13.56MHz. Supports PCD operation (ISO/IEC 14443 proximity coupling device, or contactless reader/writer), VCD operation (ISO/IEC 15693 vicinity coupling device, or HF RFID reader/writer), NFC peer-to-peer communication (ISO/IEC 18092) and card emulation (NFC Forum type 4, ISO/IEC 14443 PICC).
  • BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy interface. Can be used either as the primary link between the product and its host system (typically an Android or iOS tablet), or as a secondary interface to “read” BLE beacons or smart objects.
  • Battery: make it possible to use the product for up to 5 days in standalone mode, or up to 3 days as BLE-linked device.
  • SIM/SAM: ID-000 size ISO/IEC 7816 (contact) smart card interface. The SIM/SAM slot typically hosts the SAM card used by a transit-network operator or an electronic-purse provider to secure the transactions with its contactless cards.