Standard Bluetooth Services

The informations below refer to Bluetooth GAP and GATT specifications.

Generic Access Profile

UUID Mnemonic Access Content
1800 org.bluetooth.service.generic_access Free
2A00 Read only BLE device name
2A01 Read only 00 00 (unknown)

Service changed

UUID Mnemonic Access Content
1801 org.bluetooth.service.generic_attribute Free
2A05 org.bluetooth.characteristic.gatt.service_changed Read, indicate dynamic

Device Information

UUID Mnemonic Access Content
180A org.bluetooth.service.device_information Free
2A24 org.bluetooth.characteristic.model_number_string Read only Product name (depends on the product)
2A25 org.bluetooth.characteristic.serial_number_string Read only Serial number
2A26 org.bluetooth.characteristic.firmware_revision_string Read only
2A27 org.bluetooth.characteristic.hardware_revision_string Read only Depend on the device
2A28 org.bluetooth.characteristic.software_revision_string Read only
2A29 org.bluetooth.characteristic.manufacturer_name_string Read only Vendor name (SpringCard)
2A50 org.bluetooth.characteristic.pnp_id Read only Source = 02
Vendor ID = 1C34
Product ID = (same as for USB)
Version = MMmm

Tx Power

UUID Mnemonic Access Content
1804 org.bluetooth.characteristic.tx_power Free
2A07 org.bluetooth.characteristic.tx_power_level Read only Tx Power Level

Battery level

UUID Mnemonic Access Content
180F org.bluetooth.service.battery Free
2A19 org.bluetooth.characteristic.battery_level Read, indicate Battery level, 0 to 100%
2A1A org.bluetooth.characteristic.battery_power_state Read only Device’s power capabilities and states [DEPRECATED]
2BED org.bluetooth.characteristic.battery_level_status Read, indicate Device’s power state [cf - Battery Service v1.1]

Device’s power capabilities and states [DEPRECATED]

Bit Value Description
7-6 00 Unknown
7-6 01 Not Supported
7-6 10 Good Level
7-6 11 Critically Low Level (below 10%)
5-4 00 Unknown
5-4 01 Not Chargeable (There is a battery but the product has no other power source)
5-4 10 Not Charging (Chargeable)
5-4 11 Charging (Chargeable)
3-2 00 Unknown (No charge information)
3-2 01 Not Supported
3-2 10 Not Discharging
3-2 11 Discharging
1-0 00 Unknown (we don’t know if the product can handle a battery)
1-0 01 Not Supported (No battery at all)
1-0 10 Not Present (Battery is not present but the device could handle one)
1-0 11 Present