Address range : 0200-02FF



Bank 2 of the non-volatile memory stores the product’s configuration.

To ease the understanding, the registers are numbered by logical groups. Some groups are reserved for future features.


Range Name Title
0200-0207 Inventory Inventory data
0208-020F License Integrator’s license
0230-023F Contactless Configuration of the Contactless (NFC) interface in poller (reader) mode
0240-024F Bluetooth Configuration of the Bluetooth interface
0260-0267 UHF Configuration of the RFID UHF (868/910MHz) reader
0268-026F Barcode Configuration of the Barcode scanner
0270-027F Smartcards Configuration of the smartcard interface(s)
0280-0285 Network Configuration of the network interface
0286-028F MQTT Client Configuration of the product as an MQTT client
0290-0293 HTTP Client Configuration of the product as an HTTP client
0294-0295 UDP Server UDP Server Configuration
0296-0298 WiFi settings WiFi interface Configuration
029C-029F Serial Configuration of the serial interface
02A0-02AF Smart Reader Configuration for Smart Reader operation
02B0-02BF PC SC Configuration for PC/SC (CCID) operation
02C0-02CF Main configuration Main configuration
02D0-02DF User interface Configuration of the user interface
02E0-02EF NFC Emulation and P2P Configuration of the NFC interface in listener mode
02F0-02FF Security Security-related configuration