CONTROL HCE sub instruction

This command controls the behaviour of the NFC interface when running in Listener mode, with Host-based Card Emulation (HCE) enabled.

See SCardControl NFC_LISTENER instruction on how-to enable HCE.

Command format

Field Value Remark
INS F7 HCE instruction
P1 02 CONTROL HCE sub instruction
P2 Start / stop sub command See table below
Lc Absent
DataIn Absent
Le 00

Sub command selection

P1 P2 Function Remark
00 00 Stop HCE Suspend card emulation temporarily (but stays in NFC Listener mode)
See SCardControl NFC_POLLER instruction on how-to resume Poller (reader) mode
01 00 Start HCE Enable card emulation


Field Value Remark
SW 9000 on success Other values are documented in Status Words