This instance of the GET DATA instruction reads the device’s hardware characteristics.

Response data

The hardware characteristics is a list of Tags / Values.

The presence of a Tag denotes that the device features the corresponding hardware characteristic. The Value provides the implementation details.

Every Tag is on one byte, every Value on either one, two or four bytes. The two upper level bits of the Tag code the size of the Value.

List of Tags

Tag Meaning
01 Power interfaces
02 Host interfaces
03 Human interface (output)
04 Human interface (input)
05 Secure Elements
06 Misc. features
47 Contactless (NFC) interface, Poller (reader/initiator)
08 Contactless (NFC) interface, Listener (card emulation/target)
09 Smartcard interface(s)

Value for Tag 01 “Power interfaces”

Byte Bits Description
0 7-5 RFU
4 The device has a battery
3-2 RFU
1 The device supports POE
0 The device features an input jack

Value for Tag 02 “Host interfaces”

If this Tag is present, it details the available host interfaces. If absent, the host may assume that the devices features the interface it is currently communicating over…

Byte Bits Description
0 7-5 RFU
4 Ethernet
2 Bluetooth Low Energy
0 Serial

Value for Tag 03 “Human interface (output)”

Byte Bits Description
0 7 LCD (graphic)
6 LCD (text)
5 Rumbler
4 (decent quality) Sound
3 Buzzer
2 RGB LED(s)
1 4 LEDs
0 Some LED

Value for Tag 04 “Human interface (input)”

Byte Bits Description
0 7 Full keyboard
6 Pin-pad or limited-range keyboard
5-1 RFU
0 A few buttons

Value for Tag 05 “Secure Elements”

Byte Bits Description
0 7-6 RFU
3-2 NXP SAM (00: none, 01: AV2, 10: AV3, 11: RFU)
1 Advanced cryptoprocessor in MCU
0 Basic cryptoprocessor (AES engine) in MCU

Value for Tag 06 “Misc. features”

Byte Bits Description
0 7-1 RFU
0 Battery-saved RTC

Value for Tag 47 “Poller”

If this Tag is present, the device features a NFC interface that is able to be a poller (reader).

Byte Bit Description
0 7 The device supports Mifare Classic CRYPTO1 in poller mode
6-5 RFU
4 The device supports EPC HF
3 The device supports the Innovatron protocol in poller mode
2 The device supports NFC-V in poller mode
1 The device supports NFC-F in poller mode
0 The device supports NFC-A and NFC-B in poller mode
1 7 The device supports NFC-DEP active mode
6 The device supports NFC-DEP passive mode (as initiator)
4 The device supports the High Bit Rates of ISO 14443 (212, 424 and 848kbit/s) in poller mode
3-1 RFU
0 The device implements the Low Power Card Detection function

Value for Tag 08 “Listener”

If this Tag is present, the device features a NFC interface that is able to be a listener (card emulation).

Bit Description
7-3 RFU
2 The device supports T4T Emulation
0 The device supports Host Card Emulation

Value for Tag 09 “Smartcard”

If this Tag is present, the device features at least one Smartcard interface.

Bits Description
5-4 Number of SAM slots (0 - 7)
3-2 RFU
0-1 Number of ID-1 slots (0 - 3)