SpringCore Direct READER class

This chapter specifies the mapping between the SpringCore Direct protocol and the Smart Reader protocol and API. The Smart Reader data flow use the Events endpoint only.

To configure, start and stop the reader, use the corresponding commands exposed by the CONTROL class.

CLA value

The READER class uses CLA=5B

Message format

SpringCore Direct over USB, SpringCore Direct over BLE

Item Length Description / remark
Header 4 CLA = 5B, LEN = length of MsgContent
MsgType 1 byte Either an instruction code, a response code or an event code depending on the context
MsgContent 0 or more bytes List of T,L,Vs

Encapsulation in CCID Escape / SCardControl

This kind of encapsulation is not available for this class.

MsgType and MsgContent fields

See Smart Reader : Events.