Keyboard layout

Address : 02A6 (bank 2, register A6)

Size : 1 byte

Default : 00


Defines the layout of the keyboard when the product runs in keyboard-emulation mode (HID over USB or HID over BLE).


A 8-bit integer value to select the layout:

Value Country / layout name Alias
00 US, QWERTY us
01 French, AZERTY, complete (with num. padd) fr1
02 German, QWERTZ de
03 French, AZERTY, laptop (no num. padd) fra
04 English (extended), QWERTY ukext
05 French (extended), AZERTY frext
06 German (extended), QWERTZ deext
07 Spanish (extended), QWERTY spext
08 Italian (extended), QWERTY itext
09 Japanese (extended), QWERTY jpext
0A Swedish (extended), QWERTY swext
0B Polish (extended), QWERTY poext
0C US (extended), QWERTY usext