Configuration of the smartcard interface(s)

Address range : 0270-027F



Parameters and options for the ISO 7816 (contact card) slots.


If the product has no smartcard slot, the registers in this group are ignored.


Address Name Title
0271 Main slot Configuration of the main smartcard slot (ID-1)
0272 First ID-000 slot Configuration of the first ID-000 slot (“SAM A”)
0273 Other ID-000 slots Configuration of the other ID-000 slots (“SAM B”, “SAM C” and “SAM D”)
0279 ATR default Default value for some ATR bytes
027A T0 timings Fine tuning of the T=0 timings
027B T1 timings Fine tuning of the T=1 timings
027C T0 options Advanced options for T=0
027F Other options Misc. options for the smartcard slots