Command list

Standard instructions

The following instructions are defined by the PC/SC standard.

CLA INS Command Role
FF 82 LOAD_KEY Load an authentication key in the SpringCore device
(either into the volatile memory or into the Secure Element if the device has one)
FF 86 GENERAL AUTHENTICATE Get authenticated onto a contactless card
(using an authentication key that has been loaded into the device earlier)
FF B0 READ BINARY Read bytes from a contactless card
FF B4 GET CHALLENGE Get a random challenge from the device
FF CA GET DATA Get the UID, or any ‘technical’ data related to a contactless card
FF D6 UPDATE BINARY Write bytes into a contactless card

Vendor-specific instructions

CLA INS Command Role
FF F0 CONTROL Control various runtime parameters of the SpringCore coupler
FF F3 MIFARE CLASSIC_READ Read a Mifare Classic block or sector, with CRYPTO1 authentication
FF F4 MIFARE CLASSIC_WRITE Write a Mifare Classic block or sector, with CRYPTO1 authentication
FF F5 MIFARE CLASSIC_VALUE Other Mifare Classic block manipulation, with CRYPTO1 authentication
FF F6 RFID NFC-V and other RFID-related operations
FF F7 HCE NFC Host-based Card Emulation (HCE) operations
FF F9 SE Secure-Elements related operations (SAM AV, AT ECC, AT AES)
FF FB CL CONTROL (for contactless slot)
CT CONTROL (for contact slots)
Fine control of contactless (NFC/RFID) operation
Fine control of contact (ISO 7816) operation
FF FD ECHO Allows to test the driver with arbitrary length exchanges
FF FE ENCAPSULATE Send a raw frame directly to a contactless card