SpringCore Direct CONTROL STAtus

The STA values are taken from the Legacy SpringProx API (see springprox_errno.h in the SDKs) and are defined as follow:

STA Name Description
00 MI_OK Success
01 MI_NOTAGERR No answer (no card / card is mute)
02 MI_CRCERR Invalid CRC in card’s response
03 MI_EMPTY No frame received (NFC mode)
04 MI_AUTHERR Authentication and card failed, or memory access denied
05 MI_PARITYERR Invalid parity bit(s) in card’s response
06 MI_CODEERR Card returned a NACK or a status indicating error
07 MI_CASCLEVEX Too many anticollision loops (ISO 14443-A)
08 MI_SERNRERR Wrong LRC in card’s serial number (ISO 14443-A)
09 MI_LOCKED Card or card’s memory is locked
0A MI_NOTAUTHERR Authentication on the card must be performed first
0B MI_BITCOUNTERR Wrong number of bits in card’s answer
0C MI_BYTECOUNTERR Wrong number of bytes in card’s answer
0D MI_VALUEERR Card: Counter is invalid
0E MI_TRANSERR Card: Transaction error
0F MI_WRITEERR Card: Write failed
10 MI_INCRERR Card: Counter increase failed
11 MI_DECRERR Card: Counter decrease failed
12 MI_READERR Card: Read failed
13 MI_OVFLERR NFC interface: FIFO overflow
14 MI_POLLING Polling mode pending
15 MI_FRAMINGERR Invalid framing in card’s response
16 MI_ACCESSERR Card access error (bad address or denied)
17 MI_UNKNOWN_COMMAND NFC interface: unknown command
18 MI_COLLERR A collision has occurred
19 MI_COMMAND_FAILED Command execution failed
1A MI_INTERFACEERR Hardware error
1B MI_ACCESSTIMEOUT NFC interface: timeout
1C MI_NOBITWISEANTICOLL More than one card found, but at least one does not support anticollision
1D MI_EXTERNAL_FIELD An external RF field has been detected
1E MI_QUIT Polling terminated (timeout or break)
1F MI_CODINGERR Bogus status in card’s response
20 MI_CUSTERR Card: Vendor specific error
21 MI_CMDSUPERR Card: Command not supported
22 MI_CMDFMTERR Card: Format of command invalid
23 MI_CMDOPTERR Card: Option(s) of command invalid
24 MI_OTHERERR Card: other error
26 MI_TARGET_NOT_ACTIVE 26 The target active bit is not set
27 MI_FIELD_DOWN 27 The external RF field has been lost
3B MI_WRONG_MODE Command not available in this mode
3C MI_WRONG_PARAMETER Wrong parameter for the command
47 MI_CID_NOT_ACTIVE No active card with this CID
4B MI_BAD_ATS_LENGTH Length error in card’s ATS
4C MI_ATTRIB_ERROR Error in card’s response to ATTRIB
4D MI_BAD_ATS_FORMAT Format error in card’s ATS
4E MI_TCL_PROTOCOL Protocol error in card’s response
57 MI_BAD_PPS_FORMAT Format error in card’s PPS response
58 MI_PPS_ERROR Other error in card’s PPS response
5C MI_CID_NOT_SUPPORTED The card doesn’t support the CID feature
5D MI_CID_ALREADY_ACTIVE A card is already active with this CID
64 MI_UNKNOWN_FUNCTION Command not supported by the coupler
6F MI_INTERNAL_ERROR Internal error in the coupler
70 MI_BUFFER_OVERFLOW Internal buffer overflow
7D MI_WRONG_LENGTH Wrong data length for the command
80 MI_TIME_EXTENSION More time needed to process the command
83 MI_CARD_NOT_TCL Library: The found card doesn’t support ISO 14443-4
84 MI_RESPONSE_OVERFLOW Library: Coupler’s response is longer than application’s buffer
85 MI_RESPONSE_INVALID Library: Coupler’s response is not formated as required
86 MI_COMMAND_OVERFLOW Library: Command buffer is longer than allowed
F0 MI_FUNCTION_NOT_AVAILABLE Library: The coupler doesn’t support this function
F1 MI_SER_LENGTH_ERR Library: Wrong length in Coupler’s response
F2 MI_SER_CHECKSUM_ERR Library: Wrong checksum in Coupler’s response
F3 MI_SER_PROTO_ERR Library: Protocol error in Coupler’s response
F4 MI_SER_PROTO_NAK Library: The coupler has sent a NACK
F5 MI_SER_ACCESS_ERR Library: Access to the communication device failed
F6 MI_SER_TIMEOUT_ERR Library: Coupler communication timeout
F7 MI_SER_NORESP_ERR Library: No response from coupler
F8 MI_LIB_CALL_ERROR Library: Invalid function call
F9 MI_OUT_OF_MEMORY_ERROR Library: Memory allocation failed
FA MI_READER_NAME_INVALID Library: The device or reader name parameter is invalid
FB MI_READER_CONNECT_FAILED Library: Failed to connect to a remote reader
FC MI_INVALID_READER_CONTEXT Library: The sprox_ctx parameter is invalid
FD MI_LIB_INTERNAL_ERROR Library: An internal error has occured