SpringCard Companion

The concepts behind SpringCore are at work behind SpringCard Companion too.

SpringCard Companion is a software suite made of three components.

  • The SpringCard Companion Service is a technical gateway between SpringCard devices, whatever their communication interface (USB, network, Bluetooth, other) and the computer’s world. It exposes the devices’ features behind a (local) web server through a consistent REST API and a WebSocket using JSON RPC.
  • The SpringCard Companion App. is the single-point solution to manage, configure, commission and upgrade all SpringCard devices.
  • The SpringCard Companion Cloud is a safe and secure store where you may choose to store your configuration data.

Using the web-based API of SpringCard Companion Service dramatically reduces the learning time and shorten the development times for the software developers in charge of the implementer’s application(s).

It also makes SpringCore immediately usable from virtually any high-level language or development tool, definitively removing the dependency to low level libraries.

The complete documentation for SpringCard Companion is available at docs.springcard.com/books/Companion