The device is able to perform Tag Originality verification. This option could be used with most templates but Apple VAS, Google SmartTap, Orange and Springblue.

Originality Check is an extension of the register 03t4, thereby the first byte of register must be kept or set to 00.

Register t4: Originality check features

Register 03t4 defines Genuine options.

Byte Bits Content
0 Template’s legacy Register 03t4 byte.
1 7-3 RFU, must be 0
2 Inform the user if all Originality tests have failed.
1 Discard the tag if all Originality tests have failed.
0 Enable Originality Check if set.
2-15 Originality test suite, one byte per test (see table below for allowed values)

Originality check (experimental)

List of all Originality tests:

Originality test ID Protocol Usable on
00 14443 NTAG21x, NTAG210U, NTAG213 TagTamper, NTAG213 I2C PLUS, MIFARE Ultralight NANO
01 14443 MIFARE Ultralight EV1, MIFARE Ultralight NANO, NTAG210U
03 14443 MIFARE Classic (key 1)
04 14443 MIFARE Classic (key 2)
05 15693 NTAG5
06 15693 TruST25 cards
07 14443 Tags from Mikron
08 14443 RFU
09 14443 NTAG 424DNA, NTAG 424DNA TagTamper
0A 14443 MIFARE DESFire EV2 (key 1), MIFARE DESFire EV3
0B 14443 MIFARE DESFire Light
0C 14443 MIFARE DESFire EV2 (key 2)
0D 14443 MIFARE Plus EV1/EV2 (key 1)
0E 14443 MIFARE Plus EV1/EV2 (key 2)

The card will be considered as Genuine on the first valid Originality test.