SpringCore Direct CONTROL INStructions

The INS opcodes are defined below:

INS Name Description Valid in mode(s)
14 GET_MODE Read the configuration input pins all
15 GET_GPIOS Read the GPIOs all
16 SET_GPIOS Write the GPIOs all
20 GET_DATA Retrieve a device’s information string all
21 CCID_GET_SLOT_NAME Retrieve the name of a given PC/SC slot PCSC
22 CCID_STOP_SLOT Stop a given PC/SC slot PCSC
23 CCID_START_SLOT Start a given PC/SC slot PCSC
40 CCID_CONTROL_SLOT Low level control of a given PC/SC slot PCSC
62 NFC_POLLER Resume standard NFC poller operation PCSC
63 NFC_LISTENER Enter NFC listener operation, start NFC tag emulation or HCE PCSC
70 MICORE Execute specific commands on the contactless interface all
80 READ_FREE_REGISTER Read a (freely readabable) configuration entry all
81 READ_REGISTER Read any configuration (or statistics) entry all
82 WRITE_REGISTER Write a configuration entry all
83 LOAD_FACTORY_CONFIG Restore the default configuration all
84 SAVE_FACTORY_CONFIG Save the current configuration as factory defaults all
85 GET_DATETIME Read the device’s current date & time all
86 SET_DATETIME Set the device’s date & time (devices with RTC only) all
88 PRODUCT_SPECIFIC Use specific customer commands all
8E RESET Reset the device / enter bootloader mode all
8F RELOAD_CONFIG Apply the new configuration without resetting all
90 PLAY_SEQUENCE Have the device’s UI play one of the pre-defined sequences all
91 SET_LED_RGB Drive the device’s RGB LED directly all
92 SET_LEDS Drive the device’s 4-LED ramp directly all
93 SET_BUZZER Drive the device’s buzzer directly all
97 SET_LIGHT Set the light level of all device’s LEDs all
98 PLAY_SEQUENCE_STRING Send a custom sequence to the device all
9A AUTO_DIMM_LIGHT Enable or disable the dimming of the light level when the device is not used all
9B AUTO_SEQUENCES Enable or disable playing the UI sequences automatically all
9F WINK Wink the device all
A0 READER_STOP Disable the reader Smart Reader
A1 READER_ONCE Enable the reader for a single execution of the polling loop Smart Reader
A2 READER_START_ONE Enable the reader until a tag is read Smart Reader
A3 READER_START Enable the reader permanently Smart Reader
A7 BENCHMARK CLEAR Clear benchmark data all, debug firmware only
A8 BENCHMARK GET Get benchmark data all, debug firmware only
A9 GET_NETWORK_STATS Return Network statistics (if some) all
AA GET_BLE_STATS Return BLE statistics (if some) all
AB IBEACON Enable or disable BLE iBeacon mode all
AD CERTIFICATION_TESTS Ask for specific test modes for product’s certifications all
AE REMOTE_DISCONNECT Ask the device to close the current communication channel all
AF SHUTDOWN Switch off the device all
B0 BARCODE_STOP Disable barcode Smart Reader
B1 BARCODE_ONCE Enable barcode for a single execution Smart Reader
B2 BARCODE_START_ONE Enable barcode until a barcode is read Smart Reader
B3 BARCODE_START Enable barcode Smart Reader
D0 GET_PKI_SUBJECT Get the intrinsic subject from the device all
D1 READ_PKI_CERTIFICATE Read a PKI X509 certificate entry all
D2 WRITE_PKI_CERTIFICATE Write a PKI X509 certificate entry all
E0 IS_SEAL_GENUINE Verify the device authenticity internally all
E1 GET_SEAL_SUBJECT Return the subject of the authenticity certificate all
E3 READ_SEAL_SIGNATURE Read the signature of the authenticity certificate all
E4 WRITE_SEAL_SIGNATURE Write the signature of the authenticity certificate all