PC/SC over BLE driver for Windows

Reference SpringCard BLE PC/SC Driver Package
Supported operating systems Windows 10 only
Supported devices All SpringCore devices featuring a Bluetooth (BLE) interface
Supported interfaces Bluetooth Smart 4.2 (check that your computer features a Bluetooth LE adapter)
Requirements .NET framework runtime v4.6.2 or newer
Download link: Coming soon

The driver is made of three layers:

  • The PC/SC driver itself. The driver is said to be virtual, because it is not attached to a physical device wire-connected to the computer’s motherboard.
  • The SpringCard.SpringCore.BleBridge.dll library that acts as a bridge between the BLE device and the virtual PC/SC driver,
  • The SpringCard PC/SC Bridge application that controls the driver, provides configuration screens, and runs the library.

Integrators may use the library to implement their own bridging application.

The driver also comes with the PcscDiag application, to validate the installation and start communicating with smart cards through the reader.