SpringCard .NET PC/SC API

.NET is a cross-platform execution framework, developed by Microsoft and available not only on Windows, but even on Apple Mac OS X and Linux (Mono or .NET Core).

SpringCard provides a complete set of class libraries to ease application developers to work with PC/SC under .NET, with a (relative) abstraction of the underlying operating system.

This take the forms of the following DLLs:

  • SpringCore.PCSC.dll is a wrapper over the PC/SC API functions,
  • SpringCore.PCSC.CardHelpers.*.dll provide helper functions to manipulate some cards at a very high level,
  • SpringCore.PCSC.ZeroDriver.dll is a PC/SC-like library that gives a direct access to non-USB SpringCore devices (Ethernet or Bluetooh) by bypassing the PC/SC driver (or removing the need to install a PC/SC driver).

The auto-generated documentation of the libraries (Doxygen) is available online:

The source code to the libraries is provided in SpringCard PC/SC SDK, together with useful sample projects.