BLE Spy template

When the BLE Spy mode is selected, the SpringCore device listens for all the BLE devices that are broadcasting in the nearby, and transmits to the host their advertisement data.

In simple mode (LKL=0E), only the content of the advertisement frame is returned. In full mode (LKL=0F), the “scan response data” frame is returned as well (if the remote BLE device has one).

Data transmitted to the host

The SpringCore Smart Reader sends to the host:

  • The BT_ADDR of the remote BLE device in field TagUid,
  • It’s advertisement frame in field TagData,
  • It’s scan response data frame in field TagDetails (full mode only),
  • The Rssi of the last frame received.

Template entries

Register 0: BLE token selection

Register 0300 (1 byte) controls which BLE template is enabled to read BLE tokens.

Set it to 0E to select the BLE Spy, simple mode.

Set it to 0F to select the BLE Spy, full mode.

Register 4: Spy options

Register 0303 (4 bytes) stores the options for the BLE Spy modes.

Bytes Content
0 Repeat interval min
1 Repeat interval max
2 Presence timeout
3 RSSI change threshold