Reading BLE tokens

This paragraph covers only SpringCore devices featuring a BLE interface.


SpringCore features a Bluetooth Smart interface (BLE 4, compliant with BLE 5).

On top of this interface, SpringCore running in Smart Reader mode and not running as a BLE device is able to fetch data coming from BLE objects (smartphones, beacons, etc). The following data are supported:

  • User-data exported by the SpringCard SpringBlue Android/iOS application,
  • User-data exported by the Orange PackID Android/iOS application,
  • Identifier coming from an Apple iBeacon,
  • Data coming from an Eddystone Beacon,
  • Bluetooth Address from any BLE peer (spy mode).

Such data are called “BLE tokens”.

Template selector

Register 0300 tells the SpringCore device which BLE template is enabled to read BLE tokens.

Use one of the following values:

Value for LKL.BLE Active template
0E BLE spy (simple mode)
0F BLE spy (full mode)
B0 SpringBlue over BLE
C2 Orange PackID