SpringCore Direct BARCODE class

The BARCODE class controls the protocol and the session between the device and the host.

CLA value

The BARCODE class uses CLA=55.

Message format

SpringCore Direct over USB, SpringCore Direct over BLE

The commands and the responses use the same format.

Field Length Description / remark
Header 4 or 6 bytes CLA = 55, LEN = length of Data
INS / STA 1 byte Command: opcode of the INStruction
Response: STAtus
Data 0 or more bytes Command data
Response data

List of INStructions

The INS opcodes are defined below:

INS Name Description
00 GET_SCAN_ENGINE Get Scan Engine version
01 GET_CURRENT_MODE Get current trigger mode
02 GET_SYMBOLOGY Check if a symbology is activated
03 SET_SYMBOLOGY Activate or deactivate a symbology
04 RESET_SYMBOLOGY Activate or deactivate a symbology
05 TRANSPARENT_EXCHANGE Manufacturer specific

List of STAtus

See List of STAtus