GET DATA instruction

This command returns the serial number, the ATS, or a few other protocol data, from the card currently in the slot.

Command format

Field Value Remark
P1 Sub command selection See table below
P2 Sub command selection See table below
Lc absent
DataIn absent
Le 00

Sub command selection

P1 P2 Function Remark
00 00 Get card UID This is the protocol-level identifier. It may be different from the actual UID.
01 00 Get ATS The ISO 14443-4 ATS (NFC-A cards only)
02 00 RFU
F1 00 Get PIX data Type of card according to PC/SC part 3: return PIX.SS, PIX.NN on 3 bytes
(1st byte is 03 for NFC-A, 07 for NFC-B, 0B for NFC-V and 11 for NFC-F)
F1 01 Get NFC Forum tag type 01 to 05 if the card is recognized as a NFC Forum tag type, 00 otherwise
FA 00 Get ATR Same value as returned by SCardConnect
FA 01 Get REPGEN Contact-side ATR of a Calypso card using the Innovatron protocol
FB 00 Get antenna Index of the active antenna (in case the device has more than one)
FC 00 Get bitrate indexes Return DSI, DRI on 2 bytes
FC 01 Get PCD to PICC bitrate Return the actual DS, in kbps, on 2 bytes
FC 02 Get PICC to PCD bitrate Return the actual DR, in kbps, on 2 bytes
FF 00 Get serial number Device's serial number


Field Value Remark
DataOut The expected data
SW 9000 on success Other values are documented in Status Words