The SpringCore family

Type of products

The family contains:

  • Contactless card readers (NFC/RFID HF),
  • Contact smart card readers,
  • Dual interface (contactless + contact) card readers,
  • RFID UHF readers.

Communication interfaces

Different communication interfaces are available:

  • Serial (RS-TTL, RS-232, RS-485),
  • USB device,
  • Network (TCP/IP over Ethernet),
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Some products in the family provide only one communication interface, some others have many.


The SpringCore family is designed over the following concepts:

  • Performance: the firmware and its communication interfaces (USB, network, Bluetooth, other) are designed with efficiently in mind, and tuned to achieve the highest throughput,
  • Openness and standard-compliance: as all other SpringCard devices, the SpringCore-based devices respect the interoperability standards. The few vendor-specific features that could sometimes be used as an alternative to the standards for improved performances are always well and publicly-documented.
  • Consistency and reusability: whatever the form-factor of the SpringCore-based device (desktop, mobile, OEM), whatever its primary communication interface (USB, network, Bluetooth, other) and whatever its core feature (NFC/HF RFID reader, UHF RFID reader, Bluetooth or LoRa gateway…), the device uses the same concepts, vocabulary, interfaces and drivers. This allows SpringCard implementers to benefit of the widest range of technology as a seamless continuum.
  • Portability and scalability: SpringCore firmware is tested with all standard operating systems. The drivers and reference software implementations (such as SpringCard Companion, see below) have no limit in terms of connected devices and are able to scale up gracefully.
  • Security: last but not least, most SpringCore devices feature a secure storage and/or a secure element. The device may then implement a secure communication with the host while storing sensitive the authentication keys or passwords safely. Implementers may also store any arbitrary cryptogram in the SpringCore device. Thanks to an integrated anti-counterfeit protection, the host software may ensure it is running together with a genuine device, and rely on the device’s serial number and stored cryptograms to validate a paid license.