This command asks the SpringCore device to initiate a secure transaction with a contactless card (PICC).

Supported cards are Mifare Classic, Desfire, Mifare Plus, and Mifare UltraLight C.

The authentication key must have been loaded earlier using the LOAD KEY instruction.

Command format

Field Value Remark
INS 86
P1 Key Structure See table below
P2 Key Index See details below
Lc Length of DataIn 1, 2, 4, 5 or more
(only the 5-B form and for Mifare Classic is described in the PC/SC standard)
DataIn Authentication Data
Authentication Data || Diversifier Input
See details below
Le -

Key Structure (P1)

Bit Values
7-6 Must be 00
5 0 : the key comes from the volatile memory
1 : the key comes from the SAM AV
4-0 Must be 00000

Key Index (P2)

Volatile memory

The device has 32 volatile key slots numbered 00 to 1F. The slots are emptied when the device is reset.


The SAM AV may store up to 128 keys, with some restrictions detailed in SAM AV : Key mapping.

Keys numbered 20 to 2F are valid for Mifare Classic operation.

Keys numbered 30 to 3F and 40 to 7F are valid for operation with other PICC technologies.

Keys numbered 00 to 1F shall not be used with this instruction.

Authentication Data

The length and the understanding of DataIn (Authentication Data) depends on the type of card the authentication is to be performed on.

Mifare Classic

For Mifare Classic authentication (including Mifare Plus in security level 1), the DataIn field contains the following bytes:

(only this form is described in the PC/SC standard)

Byte Value / Field Remark
0 01 Constant version = 1.0
1-2 Address Block number to get authenticated on (MSB-first)
3 Auth. mode 60 : key A authentication
61 : key B authentication
4 RFU Must be 00


Field Value Remark
SW 9000 on success See specific error codes below; other values are documented in Status Words

Specific error codes

SW Reason
6300 General error
6382 Security status not satisfied - A host/device authentication must be performed first
6383 Authentication with the PICC failed
6384 The selected key is not valid for this type of PICC
6386 The type of key is not supported
6388 Key index is not valid
The selected key is not valid for this PICC
6389 Key length is not valid
The selected key is not valid for this PICC
6581 The key addressed by P1-P2 does not exist