List of STAtus

The STA values used by the PROTOCOL CLAss and a few other CLAsses are defines below:

STA Name Description
00 SUCCESS No error
F0 TIME_EXTENSION_REQUEST The device needs more than 1000ms to execute the command
F1 LOCKED The feature is not available due to a blown-up fuse
F2 WRONG_DATA Invalid data in the command
F3 WRONG_PARAMETERS Invalid parameters in the command
F4 WRONG_LENGTH Invalid length for parameters and data
F5 INS_NOT_SUPPORTED INStruction not supported
F6 AUTHENTICATION Invalid cryptogram / authentification or secure communication is required
F7 PROTOCOL Protocol error (total length of command does not match the length of payload that has been specified in the header)
F8 OVERFLOW Overflow (total length of command exceeds the capacity of the device’s buffer)
F9 INTERNAL Internal error
FA CLA_NOT_SUPPORTED CLAss not supported
FB DEVICE_BUSY The device is not able to execute the instruction now
FC CANCELLED The execution of the instruction has been cancelled
FD DENIED The INStruction is not allowed (to a mutual authentication to gain priviledges)
FE EXECUTION_FAILED Execution error (generic error)
FF FOLLOWING The instruction must be continued by another exchange