Battery storage watcher

Address : 02C6 (bank 2, register C6)

Size : 3 bytes

Default : 05A01E for Afcare, 000000 for all other devices.


Some products that have a battery are not fully powered down when ‘off’, but use a ‘deep-sleep’ mode to be able to start-up immediately in response to external events. To prevent emptying its battery when the product is not used for a few weeks or months, the product reads its battery level periodically and goes to ‘full off’ when this level becomes too low. This register controls this feature.


This feature is only applicable on some specific products.


Bytes 0-1 : Interval for the periodic battery watcher

Remark : Set to 0000 to disable this feature

Byte 2 : Minimum battery level (in percent)

Remark : Set to 00 to disable this feature