UI sequences

Sequence Role Next sequence
00 Entering sleep mode
01 Mother board not booting
(error signaled by Vegas daughter board)
02 Battery is too low to boot
03 Hardware error
04 Device is not genuine/NVM error
05 Fast blackout
06 Starting up
07 Shutdown
08 Please wait…
09 Bootloader is running
0A Firmware upgrade pending
0B Firmware has been upgraded
0C Factory settings restored
0D Self-test
0E Wink
10 Started, waiting for activation
11 Started, active
20 NFC/RFID polling suspended
21 NFC/RFID polling active
22 NFC/RFID reader: reading a card
23 NFC/RFID reader: card read OK 21 after 2.5s
24 NFC/RFID reader: card not accepted 21 after 2.5s
25 NFC/RFID Smart Reader: please present the card again 21 after 2.5s
28 NFC/RFID coupler: card insertion 29
29 NFC/RFID coupler: card present
2A NFC/RFID coupler: communicating with the card
2B NFC/RFID: card error
2C NFC/RFID: card invalid
2E NFC card emulation: waiting for reader
2F NFC card emulation: activated by a reader
50 Processing a Master Card
51 Master Card processed OK
52 Master Card processing failed
55 Processing Colorado app.
56 Colorado app. processed OK
57 Colorado app. processing failed
70 Incoming call
71 Call accepted (hook on)
72 Call terminated (hook off)