X509 certificates container


The SpringCore’s NVM can store up to 16 certificates. Every certificate must be under 4kB (max 4088B exactly).

Certificates 07 to 0F are populated in factory. Certificate 0A to 0F are locked when the device leaves factory (bit 5 set in the FUSES register).


Page Address Cert. Out-of-factory content Remark
0x0010 0x0010000 00 Empty User-changeable
0x0011 0x0011000 01 Empty User-changeable
0x0012 0x0012000 02 Empty User-changeable
0x0013 0x0013000 03 Empty User-changeable
0x0014 0x0014000 04 Empty User-changeable
0x0015 0x0015000 05 Empty User-changeable
0x0016 0x0016000 06 Empty User-changeable
0x0017 0x0017000 07 Certificate of SpringCore Root CA User-changeable
0x0018 0x0018000 08 Certificate of SpringCard’s test MQTT server User-changeable
0x0019 0x0019000 09 Certificate of Amazon Root CA (for AWS IoT Core MQTT demo) User-changeable
0x001A 0x001A000 0A Certificate for ATECC key 0A signed by SpringCore Direct CA Locked
0x001B 0x001B000 0B Certificate for ATECC key 0B signed by SpringCore Messaging CA Locked
0x001C 0x001C000 0C Certificate for ATECC key 0C signed by SpringCore Server CA Locked
0x001D 0x001D000 0D Certificate for ATECC key 0D signed by SpringCore Client CA Locked
0x001E 0x001E000 0E Certificate of SpringCore Server CA Locked
0x001F 0x001F000 0F Certificate of SpringCore Client CA Locked