Configuration of the Contactless (NFC) interface in poller (reader) mode

Address range : 0230-023F



Parameters and options for the proximity interface (13.56MHz) when the product is used in NFC poller (reader) mode.


If the product has no Contactless interface, the registers in this group are ignored.


Address Name Title
0230 General General configuration of the Contactless (NFC) interface in poller (reader) mode
0231 CCID Protocols NFC / RFID HF protocols enabled in PC/SC mode
0232 CCID Bitrates NFC / RFID HF bit-rates in PC/SC mode
0233 CCID Protocol level Protocol level in PC/SC mode
0234 CCID ATR rules Contactless ATR rules
0237 Compliance NFC / RFID HF compliance in poller mode
0239 VASUP frame VASUP frame for Enhanced Contactless Polling (Apple VAS)
023A NFC-A specific options
023B NFC-B specific options
023C NFC-F specific options
023D NFC-V specific options
023E Advanced NFC timers
023F Analog test