Address : 02C0 (bank 2, register C0)

Size : 1 byte

Default : 02 for SpringPark_base, 00 for all other devices.


This register defines how the product is seen by the hosts: USB or BLE profile, primary interface, primary communication protocol. It implicitly activates either Operating mode.


Bit    Role Values
6-4 Network operation 0 : Disabled
1 : HTTP client
2 : TCP server
3 : TCP server and UDP server
4 : UDP server
5 : RFU5
6 : MQTT client
7 : RFU7
2-0 Primary profile 00 : SpringCore Direct. Select this value for Smart Reader Operation using the SpringCore Direct protocol.
01 : SpringProx Legacy mode, Serial or CDC. Do not use this value unless explicitly advised by SpringCard R&D team for a specific project.
02 : CCID (PC/SC or PC/SC-Like). Select this value for PC/SC Operation.
03 : HID, keyboard-emulation. Select this value for RFID Scanner Operation.
04 : Smart Reader mode, Serial or CDC. Select this value for Smart Reader Operation using $SCRDR protocol.
05 : ST UHF reader host protocol, Serial or CDC. Valid only for products with UHF.
06 : Mass Storage. Reserved for some customer-specific firmware implementations, do not use this value with standard products.
07 : NXP NFC Cockpit host protocol, Serial or CDC. Reserved for antenna tuning, do not use this value in the field.


Bits 6-4: Network operation

If the product has no network interface, these bits are ignored.