NFC-B specific options

Address : 023B (bank 2, register 3B)

Size : 2 bytes

Default : 0000


Byte 0 : Options

Bit    Role Values
7-1 RFU
0 Control whether NFC-B uses extended ATQB or not 0 : Short ATQB requested in REQB/WUPB
1 : Extended ATQB requested in REQB/WUPB

Byte 1 : AFI for NFC-B polling

The AFI (Application Family IDentifier) is a parameter broadcasted by the reader within its NFC-B REQB/WUPB polling frames.

A card that does not belong to the specified Application Family remains silent (this aims to speed-up the anti-collision loop and avoid the reader to initiate a transaction with "useless" cards).

Remark : Set to 00 to target all cards (default)