List of WebSocket events

The table below list the values that the Companion Service is likely to use for the event field, and points to the corresponding JSON object that will be transmitted in the params field. The client application must be ready to accept - and discard silently - other event types.

Type of event Description Object in params See
Devices.ListChange The list of devices has changed List of DeviceId Device List change
DeviceLookup.Begin A device discovery task is starting Parameters of the Lookup task Lookup
DeviceLookup.End A device discovery task has terminated Number of devices found by the Lookup task Lookup
DeviceLookup.Found A device has been found by a discovery task FOUND_DEVICE Lookup
DeviceSetup.Success A (network) device has been configured Parameters of the device Setup task Network Setup
DeviceSetup.Failed Configuring a (network) device has failed Error reason Network Setup
Reader.StateChange The status of a SpringCard Smart Reader has changed (started or stopped, runtime-configuration updated...) SMART_READER_STATE Smart Reader State change
Reader.TagRead A RFID tag has been read by a SpringCard Smart Reader SMART_READER_TAG Smart Reader events
Pcsc.Readers.ListChange A PC/SC reader has been added, or removed from the system. PCSC_READER_LIST PC/SC List change
Pcsc.Reader.StateChange The status of a PC/SC reader has changed (card inserted or removed, application using the card...) PCSC_READER_STATE PC/SC State change