Load firmware progress event

When a firmware upgrade procedure is running, the Companion Service broadcasts events to let the application that initiates the procedure to monitor its progress. Other applications shall ignore this event.

Event specification

event : "Device.LoadFirmwareProgress"

params : a DEVICE_PROGRESS_REPORT object


Field name Type Status Description
DeviceId string always The DeviceId of the device that is the source of the event
Status string always See Status string table below
Progress integer always The progress percent, a value between 0 and 100%

Status string

Status String Meaning
"pending" The procedure is still running. Other events will be fired for the same device in a near future.
"success" The procedure has terminated successfully. The device is restarting.
"failed" The procedure has failed. The device is restarting in fail-safe mode.
"cancelled" The procedure has been cancelled. The device is restarting.


	"jsonrpc": "2.0",
	"event": "Device.LoadFirmwareProgress",
		"DeviceId": "vkYkoELRDS3p9xhQO1lx8a",
		"Status": "pending",
		"Progress": 79