Restore device's factory defaults


Clear all the device's Configuration and Template registers, and restart it with factory defaults.


X509 certificates in the device's Certificate Store and security keys in any of the device's Secure Elements are not erased/blanked by this method. Use the SpringCoreSE command line should you need to totally cleanup a device.


URL : /device/{$id}/config[?specific={$specific}]

Method : DELETE

URL Params :

  • {$id} : the DeviceId of the device. Use GET /devices to enumerate the connected devices.
  • {$specific} : how to handle the device-specific registers. Possible values are discard (don't care for current values, erase all the registers including the device-specific ones) and preserve (keep the current value of device-specific registers). Default is discard.

Request data : None

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Content : a CONFIG-GUID object, as specified below.

CONFIG-GUID object definition

Field name Type Status Description
"Result" string always Constant value: "success"
"ConfigId" string always The GUID of the out-of-factory configuration


	"Result": "success",
	"ConfigId": "764BB939-4475-4F0F-D569-FF5136F07AEA"

Error Response

See Error Responses.