List devices


Returns the list of SpringCard devices currently attached to the computer.


URL : /devices

Method : GET

URL Params : None

Request data : None

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Content : an array of DEVICE objects.

Content example

		"DeviceId": "vkYkoELRDS3p9xhQO1lx8a",
		"Name": "SpringCore'18",
		"FriendlyName": "SpringCard Puck",
		"Channel": "usb",
		"Profile": "pc/sc",
		"Status": "ok",
		"PnpId": "021C3461220102",
		"Mode": "pc/sc",
		"VendorId": 7220,
		"ProductId": 24866,
		"SerialNumber": "24F11E2E",
		"Version": "1.02",
		"Firmware": "SpringCore/H518/Puck",
		"UniqueId": "72967A11-6089-8B0D-F36E-9ED0CC493BE4",
		"ConfigId": "80B4667D-71D0-0BDC-AA81-95DCA20A44E1",
		"Pcsc": {
			"Names": [
				"SpringCard Puck Contactless 0",
				"SpringCard Puck SAM 0"
			"ReaderIds": [
		"DeviceId": "z1FyhlpOKF72WuAdurpwaa",
		"Name": "USB input device",
		"FriendlyName": "SpringCard RFID Scanner",
		"Channel": "usb",
		"Profile": "hid",
		"Status": "ok",
		"PnpId": "021C3492410179",
		"Mode": "reader",
		"VendorId": 7220,
		"ProductId": 29249,
		"SerialNumber": "82C7995D",
		"Version": "1.79",
		"HidInstance": "hid#vid_1c34&pid_9241#7&3482e2d5&0&0000"

Error Response

See Error Responses.