SERVICE object

The JSON SERVICE object returns the meta-data regarding the SpringCard Companion Service.

Use Get service's meta-data to retrieve the SERVICE object.

Object definition

Field name Type Status Description
"Name" string always Constant "SpringCard Companion Service"
"Version" string always Version of the service (release year . release month . release day . incrementing build number)
"UniqueId" string always Unique Identifier of the service (signature of the computer)
"API" string always Version of the API ("1.0" for current specification)
"Platform" string always The operating system the Service is running on.
Desktop systems: windows, linux or mac
Mobile systems: android or ios
In-device: freertos+lwip
"Mode" string always How has the Service been launched:
console: command-line mode
tray: windowed application running in system's tray
service: background service (or daemon) mode
device: running in the SpringCard device itself
"WebSocketPort" integer always Listening port of the WebSocket (0 if disabled)
"WebSocketClients" integer always Number of clients currently connected to the WebSocket


	"Name": "SpringCard Companion Service",
	"Version": "",
	"API": "1.0",
	"Platform": "windows",
	"Mode": "tray",
	"WebSocketPort": 3997,
	"WebSocketClients": 2