Get PC/SC reader data


Returns the current data (including up-to-date status) of a single PC/SC reader.


URL : /pcsc/reader/{$id}

Method : GET

URL Params : {$id} : the ReaderId of the device. Use GET /pcsc/readers to enumerate the available readers.

Content : Optional, see below.

Request content

Field name Type Status Description
Token string option Token provided by the Connect method

Remark : The "Token" field is optional and is useful to known if the card in the reader belongs to this token, or not.


	"Token": "0AAZZevyX99hu1Py0Suib6"

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Content : a single PCSC_READER object.

Remark : If the "Token" field is present in the request AND a card is present in the reader, the "Owner" boolean in the response tells whether the card belongs to this token, or not. Otherwise, the "Owner" field is absent from the response.


    "ReaderId": "M7y9G3Qxxg0eTmgBbgf2X2",
    "ParentDeviceId": "nCnW9FkRgo8wz23c43gUV3",
    "Name": "SpringCard Prox'N'Roll Contactless 1",
    "SerialNumber": "F8CB995D",
    "VendorName": "SpringCard",
    "ProductName": "Prox'N'Roll",
    "SlotName": "Contactless",
    "Status": "present",
    "ATR": "3B8180018080",
    "Error": false,
    "Present": true,
    "InUse": true,
    "Owner": false

Error Response

See Error Responses. An ERROR object is returned in case of a PC/SC-specific error, with the "Error" field present and populated.