Firmware info


Read the firmware info from a device.


URL : /device/{$id}/firmware-info

Method : GET

URL Params : {$id} : the DeviceId of the device. Use GET /devices to enumerate the connected devices.

Request data : None

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Content : a FIRMWARE-INFO object, as specified below.

FIRMWARE-INFO object definition

This object matches the FIRMWARE-INFO object returned by the Utilities / Firmware info route.

Field name Type Status Description
"Vendor" string always Vendor name
"Product" string always Product name
"Firmware" string always Identification of the firmware
"Version" string always Product version form ""
"Revision" string always Complete version ""
"Date" string always Release date (format yyyy-mm-dd)


	"Vendor": "SpringCard",
	"Product": "Puck",
	"Firmware": "SpringCore/H518/Puck",
	"Version": "0.80",
	"Revision": "0.80-138-g56e5ed58",
	"Date": "2019-05-16"	

Error Response

See Error Responses.