Connect to the card in the reader


This method gives access to the SCardConnect function.

If the reader is already connected, it will failed because a client has the handle to this card.

When connected a 10s timer will be started and will be reseted at each command (Transmit or control). When the timer reach its end, the card is disconnected.


URL : /pcsc/reader/{$id}/connect

Method : POST

URL Params : {$id} : the ReaderId of the device. Use GET /pcsc/readers to enumerate the available readers.

Content : None

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Content : an object providing the details of the connected card, as specified below.

Response content

Field name Type Status Description
Result string always success if the PC/SC subsystem has returned SCARD_S_SUCCESS
Protocol string always The protocol that has been negotiated between the reader and the card. Either T=0 or T=1
ATR string always The card's ATR (answer to reset), as an hexadecimal string
Token string always The token that must be provided to any subsequent command send to this card until a disconnect happen


	"Result": "success",
	"Protocol": "T=1",
	"ATR": "3B8F8001804F0CA000000306030001000000006A",
	"Token": "0AAZZevyX99hu1Py0Suib6"

Error Response

See Error Responses. An ERROR object is returned in case of a PC/SC-specific error, with the "Error" field present and populated.


No card in the reader

	"Result": "error",
	"Message": "The operation requires a Smart Card, but no Smart Card is currently in the device."

The card has already been connected by another application

	"Result": "error",
	"Message": "The smart card cannot be accessed because of other connections outstanding."