Update the device-specific part of the configuration


Write the subset of the configuration registers that are device-specific (inventory number, IP address, etc).


URL : /device/{$id}/config/specific

Method : PUT

URL Params : {$id} : the DeviceId of the device. Use GET /devices to enumerate the connected devices.

Request data : either an Address=Value list, or a CONFIG-DATA object. See Config (Put) for details regarding both data formats.


The only device-specific registers that could be written using this method are:

  • Registers 0200 to 0207 (inventory data, including the Configuration GUID),
  • Registers 0208 to 020F (license data),
  • Registers 0280 and 0281 for network devices (IP settings),
  • Registers 02FE and 02FF (passwords).

If any register out of this short-list is specified in the data, the whole request is discarded with error 422 Unprocessable entity.


At the difference with Config (Put), the existing Configuration and Templates registers are not cleared to their default value. Only the registers that are explicitly set in the request data are written.


At the difference with Config (Put), the device is not restarted afterwards, call Reset explicitly if you want the device to apply its new configuration right now.

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Content : a SUCCESS object.

Error Response

See Error Responses.