Format modifiers

The CONFIG-DATA object is a set of Address=Value pairs where the Address field is a single-byte value expressed in hexadecimal.

By default, the Value field is expected to be in hexadecimal too.

To ease the human readibility of the JSON dataset, a Modifier may be appended to the Address field to instruct the receiver that the Value field is actually not expressed in hexadecimal.

Syntax is Address.Modifier=Value, i.e."Address.Modifier": "Value".

Supported modifiers

Address Modifier Format of Value field Example
UTF-8 string "0202.s": "Demo bench, R&D Lab"
Integer "02C0.i": 0
Boolean "02C0.b": false
Base64-encoded raw value "0202.64": "RGVtbyBiZW5jaCwgUiZEIExhYg"
Hex-encoded raw value. This is the default "0202.h": "44656d6f2062656e63682c20522644204c6162"