SpringCore Tools

SpringCore Tools is a set of command-line utilities tailored to work with SpringCore devices in the most efficient way.


Download the ZIP archive from https://www.springcard.com/fr/download/find/file/sq20029

Only the latest version is supported.

Read this article on the SpringCard Technical Blog for details regarding setting-up the SpringCore Tools on Windows, macOS and Linux.

List of tools

  • SpringCoreTool : give access to most features of a SpringCore device.
  • SpringCoreControl : send arbitrary commands to a SpringCore device.
  • SpringCoreConfig : manage the configuration of a SpringCore device.
  • SpringCoreMasterCard : create master cards .
  • SpringCoreRDR : receive an dump data coming from a SpringCore device in Smart Reader mode.
  • SpringCoreHCE : use a SpringCore device in NFC card emulation mode.
  • SpringCoreSE : manage the Secure Element of a SpringCore device.