NFC/RFID HF interface

Most SpringCore devices feature a HF passive RFID interface at 13.56MHz.

The actual characteristics depends on the NFC/RFID HF front-end used by the device.

Some devices implement only the Poller activity, i.e. they are contactless couplers or contactless readers (ISO/IEC 14443: PCD, ISO/IEC 15693: VCD). They do support NFC Forum reader role and NFC Forum peer-to-peer role, but as initiator, passive mode only (cf ISO/IEC 18092).

Some devices implement also the Listener activity, i.e. they are also able to emulate a contactless card (ISO/IEC 14443: PICC) and to run as an NFC target (cf ISO/IEC 18092). Then, they do support all NFC Forum roles.


The contactless coupler role (PCD, VCD) is fully implemented inside the SpringCore device and exposed to the host through straightforward protocols and APIs (PC/SC or Smart Reader).

On the other hand, the peer-to-peer role and the card emulation role require more "involvement" from the host application. The device is not able to implement all the requirements of these roles on its own. Typically, when the SpringCore device runs in card emulation or in peer-to-peer mode, its NFC interface is only a passthrough link that receives commands from the remote NFC device - and expects the host to provide appropriate responses quickly.

Hardware and characteristics

Products NFC/RFID HF front-end Characteristics in
Poller activity
Characteristics in
Listener activity
(Proprietary products only) NXP CLRC663+ See RC663 Poller No listener capabilities
NXP PN5180 See PN5180 Poller See PN5180 Listener