SpringPark features


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NFC/RFID HF interface

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see details in NFC and RFID HF:Poller
Built-in antenna, 13.56MHz carrier, open-field RF level 3.5A/m
ISO/IEC 14443 PCD (106, 212, 424 & 848 kbps)
ISO/IEC 15693 VCD (26 kpbs)
ISO/IEC 18092 (106, 212 & 424 kbps)
Supports NFC-A, NFC-B, NFC-F, NFC-V
Supports all NXP Mifare cards
Supports all NFC Forum Tags
NFCIP-1 peer-to-peer (LLCP & SNEP through host libraries)

Note: SpringPark does not support Listener roles.

Communication with host

Interfaces and protocols

Entry Value
Host interfaces Serial RS-232 (8-pin connector)
USB 2.0 full speed (5-pin connector)
Ethernet 10/100T (RJ45)
Host protocols, Serial $SCRDR
SpringProx Legacy
Host protocols, USB CCID (PC/SC)
SpringCard Direct
SpringProx Legacy (CDC)
Host protocols, Network $SCRDR over TCP
CCID (PC/SC-Like) over TCP
$SCRDR over MQTT(s)
CCID (PC/SC-Like) over MQTT(s)
SpringCard Direct over MQTT(s)
Other features TLS communication on network interface, with device-side certificate

Drivers and APIs

Entry Value
PC, Serial SpringProx Legacy API
PC, USB SpringCard Companion
PC/SC USB Driver for Windows
Open-source PCSC-Lite CCID driver for Linux/Mac
PC, Network SpringCard Companion
PC/SC TCP Bridge + Driver for Windows
PC/SC MQTT Bridge + Driver for Windows

Other features

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Smart card interface
See details in smart cards
ID-000 sized cards
ISO/IEC 7816-3 class A, B, C
Protocols T=0 and T=1
eAPDU up to 64kB
Secure Element SAM AV and ATECC
Main user interface 4 green LEDs
Single-tone beeper


  • CEN/TS 16794 IFM Reader (full range A and B), temperature class D (-25°C to +55°C)
  • RCTIF 5 class A1 reader