Host interfaces

A SpringCore device features one or more host interfaces.

The implementation uses a layered model which allows to operate the device virtually the same way from any interface - provided that the security constraints are met.

The security constraints are configured in register 02F0 "Access Conditions" and onwards (see chapter Non-volatile memory : Security). USB and Serial interfaces are considered to be "local", i.e. may be used with less restrictions. Bluetooth and Network interfaces are considered to be "remote" and are protected more strictly.

Over a Physical and Transport interface, the communication between the device and the host takes place over a Logical interface, e.g. a protocol.

The default communication protocol is SpringCore Direct Protocol.

Depending on its configuration, the device may also support the CCID Protocol for PC/SC Operation, the HID protocol for RFID Scanner Operation, and possibly a legacy reader protocol for Smart Reader Operation (normally, Smart Reader Operation goes through the SpringCore Direct Protocol).