SpringCore MQTT topics

Topic Purpose Format Direction
springcard/springcore/{$id}/meta Device meta-data
see Meta topic
JSON Device to host
springcard/springcore/{$id}/status Device status
see Status topic
JSON Device to host
springcard/springcore/{$id}/ccid/p2r CCID protocol, PC_To_RDR Binary Host to device
springcard/springcore/{$id}/ccid/r2p CCID protocol, RDR_To_PC Binary Device to host
springcard/springcore/{$id}/ccid/int CCID protocol, Status Binary Device to host
springcard/springcore/{$id}/dir/cmd Direct Protocol, commands Binary Host to device
springcard/springcore/{$id}/dir/rsp Direct Protocol, responses Binary Device to host
springcard/springcore/{$id}/dir/evt Direct Protocol, events Binary Device to host
springcard/springcore/{$id}/rdr/cmd Smart Reader mode, $SCRDR protocol, commands JSON Host to device
springcard/springcore/{$id}/rdr/evt Smart Reader mode, $SCRDR protocol, events JSON Device to host


  • The springcard/springcore prefix at the beginning of all the topics may be changes using the MQTT Topic prefix register.
  • The {$id} part of the topic is the Device ID taken from the Device ID register. If this register is empty, the Serial Number is taken instead (in hexadecimal, upper case).