Status topic

The SpringCore device publishes its status in the springcard/springcore/{$id}/status topic periodically. The interval is defined in the MQTT Client Options register. The device also declares a "last will and testament" message that is published by the server on behalf of the device should an ungraceful disconnection occurs.


This topic uses JSON-formatted text messages.

Field name Type Status Description Remark
"State" string always Current status of device Possible values are
- "online,ready",
- "online,busy",
- "offline" (clean disconnection),
- "offline,dead" (only for last will message, denotes an ungraceful disconnection).
"Uptime" string option Startup counter and time elapsed since startup This field is in the form "CCC:SSS.MMM" where
- CCC is the value of the startup counter
- SSS.MMM is the number of seconds and milliseconds elapsed since last startup
This field is absent from the last will message.
"DateTime" string option Current date/time on the device's RTC In the form "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS".
This field is absent if the device does not have a RTC and in the last will message.


	"State": "online,ready",
	"Uptime": "145:1860.081"

Note: for the ease of reading, the above JSON message is shown with spaces and line-feeds added. Due to the limitations of the MQTT protocol, all line-feeds, spaces and tabs are removed from the actual JSON string sent by the device.