Meta topic

When connecting to the MQTT server, the SpringCore device publishes its meta-data in the springcard/springcore/{$id}/meta topic.

Note: the springcard/springcore header may be changed by configuration; the {$id} portion maps to the Device ID which also depends on the configuration and defaults to the device's Serial Number.


This topic uses JSON-formatted text messages. The format is the same as the AVAILABLE-DEVICE object in SpringCard Companion:

Field name Type Status Description Remark
"VendorName" string always Vendor name
"ProductName" string always Product name
"Hardware" string always Identification of the hardware (part number)
"Firmware" string always Identification of the firmware
"Version" string always Version of the firmware
"SerialNumber" string always Serial number
"PhysAddress" string option MAC address
"IpAddress" string option IPv4 network address This is likely to be a private address behind a NAT and not a routable address
"Protocol" string always How the device is configured: direct, ccid or $SCRDR


	"VendorName": "SpringCard",
	"ProductName": "SpringPark",
	"Hardware": "EAN201234",
	"Firmware": "SpringCore/E518/SpringPark",
	"Version": "1.10",
	"SerialNumber": "DA1275B0",
	"PhysAddress": "B0D785C01239",
	"IpAddress": "",

Note: for the ease of reading, the above JSON message is shown with spaces and line-feeds added. Due to the limitations of the MQTT protocol, all line-feeds, spaces and tabs are removed from the actual JSON string sent by the device.