SpringCore CCID implementation

The implementation is a subset of the USB CCID 1.10 specification.

CCID_PC_To_RDR Commands

Code Command Description Equivalent PC/SC function
62 PC_To_RDR_IccPowerOn Power up the card in the slot, and return its ATR SCardConnect
63 PC_To_RDR_IccPowerOff Power down the card in the slot SCardDisconnect
65 PC_To_RDR_GetSlotStatus Retrieve the slot's current status and protocol data SCardStatus
6B PC_To_RDR_Escape Send a direct command to the device SCardControl
6F PC_To_RDR_XfrBlock Send a C-APDU to the card (and return its R-APDU) SCardTransmit

CCID_RDR_To_PC Responses

Code Command Description In response to
80 RDR_To_PC_DataBlock R-APDU returned by the card
ATR of the card
PC_To_RDR_XfrBlock (success)
PC_To_RDR_IccPowerOn (success)
81 RDR_To_PC_SlotStatus Status of the slot PC_To_RDR_GetSlotStatus
PC_To_RDR_XfrBlock (failure)
PC_To_RDR_IccPowerOn (failure)
83 RDR_To_PC_Escape Send a direct command to the device PC_To_RDR_Escape