End Lookup


This command terminates the device discovery task started by the begin_lookup route and retrieves the list of devices that have been found.


URL : /lookup/end

Method : POST

URL Params : None

Request data :

Field name Type Status Description
"Channel" string mandatory Communication channel: ble or network


	"Channel": "network"

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Content : an array of FOUND_DEVICE objects.

Content example

        "TemporaryId": "4rIUNPyNqg9ltFALpWUKQ1",
        "Name": "SpringCard SpringPark",
        "SerialNumber": "74905007901",
        "Channel": "network",
        "PhysAddress": "74905007901",        
        "Profile": "pc/sc",
        "Mode": "coupler",
        "Dhcp": true,
        "IpAddress": "",
        "IpMask": "",           
        "IpGateway": "",
        "TcpServerPort": 3999
        "TemporaryId": "i3DU48vD02aTNl0oSXzxM8",
        "AssociatedDeviceId": "hwCYi73s0N5sSDxrW1XfA9",
        "Name": "SpringCard SpringPark",
        "SerialNumber": "74905007902",
        "Channel": "network",
        "PhysAddress": "74905007902",        
        "Profile": "mqqt",
        "Mode": "reader",
        "Location": "MBA's Office",        
        "Dhcp": false,
        "IpAddress": "",
        "IpMask": "",           
        "IpGateway": ""

Error Response

See Error Responses.

Specific error messages are:

  • "NotActive": no discovery task has run recently.
  • "WrongChannel": a discovery task has run recently, but on another channel.